How can I approach my crush if she is perhaps not interested?

How can I approach my crush if she is perhaps not interested?

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TL;DR: there is this woman we like, who really is apparently not thinking about me personally, since I’ve currently produced move on the without having any fortune. However, i have decided not to quit and work out an additional effort in an attempt to win her over. I do want to prove my worth to her/impress her while making her think it over. Exactly just How should we handle the specific situation this time? Exactly How must I approach her? Text her? Only in individual? What sort of mindset could be my chance that is best?

And here comes the long story. This has been like 4 months that i am directly into this girl. All of the dudes I chatted to, do find her become attractive however in my eyes, she actually is such as a goddess, incredibly breathtaking. I am 99% certain she is single, we live really near to each other but don’t understand one another a lot on a individual level.

At the beginning, i did not have even the guts to speak with her because I thought We stay no opportunity along with her. At some time, I discovered I’d to simply just take my shot and even approach her though it seemed form of useless. We began conversing with her both in individual whenever I got the opportunity along with texting her once or twice and she’d react actually relaxed and cool about this (maybe not excited though) , smiling etc, being types of friendly just as if we knew each other for quite some time. Continue reading “How can I approach my crush if she is perhaps not interested?”